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Picture of Bengal Cat - Wild Fire Bengals   Wild Fire Bengals
Wendy Symmes
Member Since: August 2007

Huntersville, North Carolina

Tel: (704) 947-9391

Email: WildFireBengals@aol.com


Kittens Available
  Our cats and kittens are raised lovingly underfoot (or perhaps I should say "undercover" since most of them sleep with us!) and overhead (due to the athletic inquisitiveness) to produce exceptional pets with laid-back personalities. Vet inspected cattery. TICA Outstanding Cattery, TIBCS and TIBBA Breeder of Distinction. Providing Contracts and Health Guarantees.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Dreamcoats Bengals   Dreamcoats Bengals
Vicki Lynn Myers
Member Since: May 2011

Tony Candler Court, Asheville, NC 28715

Tel: (828) 667-4514

Email: vmyers@charter.net


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  Growing up on a large Dairy farm in East Tennessee enabled me to have pets of all kinds in my childhood. My pets consisted of dogs, cats and rescued wild life. I had the opportunity to hand raise many animals as a child. I have been very blessed to have many wonderful pets. At the top of that list, has been our Bengals.  
Picture of Bengal Cat - Atlantica Bengals   Atlantica Bengals
Wayne and Brandy Little
Member Since: January 2012

Havelock, North Carolina

Tel: (252) 626-7335

Email: Abengals@gmail.com


Kittens Available
  TICA/TIBCS and CFA members

2011-13 TICA Outstanding Cattery

Offering brown rosetted kittens from our show pets.

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