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Melissa Kessel Griffith
Member Since: November 2014

Arvada, Colorado

Tel: (503) 875-9430

Email: melissa@thundercatbengals.com


Kittens Available
  We are a TICA registered cattery. Our cattery has been outstanding with TICA since we opened. Which means a veterinarian certifies our cattery 1x a year for the conditions, for the cats. The health of my cats and the kittens they produce are very important to me. We test our Breeders for HCM (heart valve testing) every 2 years. Our cattery is free of Felv (feline leukemia), Fiv (Feline Aids). We are do parasite testing and P/K deficiency (Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency). I give a 2 year health guarantee on my cats. I give them their first & second vaccines before they leave here. They do not need the leukemia vaccine. Since these are mostly inside cats and they are not running around the neighborhood with other cats. At 7 weeks I take my kittens to our veterinarian for a health certificate. The earliest I let my kittens go to their new homes is at 10 weeks. This is because at 28 days they get their first round parasite potential treatment, vet checked at 7 weeks & first vaccine. At 9 � weeks they get the 2nd vaccine & deworming treatment. At 10 weeks they should be ready for their new homes. I keep them the few days after their deworming and shots just to make sure they do not have diarrhea. The deworming treatment can cause them diarrhea at times. Then they are allowed to be rehomed between 10-12 weeks.  
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